​​Digital Health Services


Integrating people, processes and leading technologies

Deliver integrated healthcare business processes and technology to support continuum care and administration under new regulations and technology requirement to improve efficiency, effectiveness, safety and timeliness in an equitable and patient-center environment to improve quality and health outcomes. 

Personalized provider and patient experience by connecting the conversations, care providers, clinical, operational and administrative systems in a connected world allowing responses across channels and making it easy to healthcare organizations.

Master Data Management

Because data is at the core of every application and business system in your organization, from customer account management to marketing,finance, supply chain operations and more.

Boomi Master Data Management (MDM) provides the solution to represent data consistently across your organization, enabling your data stewards to model, match, synchronize, cleanse and enrich data across domains. And it scales to accommodate growth as your data volume, applications and business user demands continue to increase


Industry leading technologies


Most innovative platforms

Modernizing Health IT

The first step involves modernizing IT systems while ensuring compliance with data protection laws—because standards and metrics drive the delivery of care in these models. Evaluating those metrics involves accessing far more data than ever, and highlights the need for improved interconnection among systems such as electronic medical records (EMR), Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and Patient Administration Systems (PASs).

At the provider level, medical practice and business operations must be organized into a seamless machine to run physicians’ offices and to generate safe, measurable and economically viable outcomes for patients while driving efficiency for the practice. These would involve managing:

  • financial systems
  • billing systems
  • ordering systems
  • supply chain systems
  • ordering systems
  • procurement systems

Any move to digitize medical records and modernize existing IT systems will involve working with legacy or clinical systems from a variety of vendors, connecting data from several branches of hospitals or healthcare networks.

While your organization may have interface engines that were originally created to help connect legacy interfaces, these engines may now be too expensive and inflexible to maintain, configure and adapt.

In some cases, they’ve may even be a hindrance to today’s interoperability needs—a problem that’s exacerbated when extended to cloud integration and mobile deployment. These proprietary interfaces are also hard to maintain, and as vendors sunset legacy products, continuous support isn’t guaranteedType your paragraph here.

Easily Share Information With Your Entire Network

Boomi provides comprehensive capabilities for transferring data between healthcare partners. You can easily map data from any system into a HL7 document,combine or separate multiple records, and manage communications with your partner network using Boomi EDI.

Modernize to Meet the Needs of 21st Century Healthcare

Today’s healthcare requires the ability to seamlessly move data between devices, patient-facing applications, and back-end systems. Boomi can solve all your data management needs, whether its implementing point-to-point integration through our connectors or web services, as well as creating and publishing APIs.

Enforce Data Quality Across All Systems

Compliance with healthcare regulations requires strict data quality oversight. Boomi Master Data Management allows you to define data governance rules the are used to validate, correct or update records across all your information systems, whether cloud-based or on-premises.

Interoperability that is Flexible, Configurable, Centralized and Predictable

Digital Health Services and Dell Boomi not only ensures your organization can quickly integrate systems, but it ensures those integrations are flexible enough to allow you to weather the constant change of regulatory compliance. As a flexible, cloud-based solution, Dell Boomi AtomSphere® integration platform as a service (iPaaS) integrates your applications whether on premises, or in the cloud.

And our Master Data Management (MDM) solution provides your organization a “single version of truth” to eliminate the data silos on the ground and in the cloud—the silos that many healthcare organizations struggle with today.



Integrated business processes

The ultimate Interoperability

accelerating healthcare data integration

dHealth Connect is a solution of frameworks, cloud-based applications and services that deliver a methodology to connect healthcare organizations to patients by:

  • having a 360 degree view of the patient to improve patient services and deliver collaborative care
  • innovating with social devices to connect and engage with family and doctors
  • empowering social patient education through communities building
  • building and providing wellness programs in an effective way
  • minimizing risks for healthcare management

The new world of healthcare is drive by efficiency and cost reduction and that's why we support providers and medical groups by:

  • supporting them to deliver high quality collaborative care around the patient to improve outcomes
  • providing the tools to achieve process excellence to lower cost, improve internal operations, and measure profit
  • minimize risks associate to clinical care
  • measuring proactively associated measurements that impact the provider and the medical group directly
  • supporting programs to reward and motivate the staff to reach higher efficiencies

Medications and treatment are key factors in any patient healthcare outcomes, we support pharmacist, health plans and medical groups to:

  • consolidate important data to manage patients adherence
  • keep history of interactions follow up with the patients
  • monitor medication management and clinical care
  • monitor quality reports and adherence metrics

Healthcare management needs to make the right decisions and take actions to improve healthcare outcomes and efficiency while reducing the costs of healthcare.  Digital Health Services support healthcare management by providing the tools to:

  • use best practices of governance
  • provide clear information as to where the healthcare organization is going
  • connect healthcare management to stakeholders
  • achieve process excellence to lower cost, improve internal operations, and measure profit
  • consolidate information from the providers and patients into a single place
  • monitor measurements and associated metrics to see how the providers and medical groups are performing
  • monitor clinical care and minimize risks associate to patients, providers and healthcare organizations
  • monitor the interactions providers and internal staff have with the patients
  • manage clinical governance of clinical care services delivered to patients to held accountability for the safety, quality and effectiveness
  • reports and dashboard to measure success

Connect healthcare in a new way in alliance with Salesforce.com and Dell Boomi to deliver an integrated platform that connects data, conversations, devices, processes, services, providers, and patient data to deliver a new healthcare vision with unprecedeted speed according aligned to rules and regulations.

  • Increase data accuracy and consistency
  • Improve application usability and process efficiency
  • Accelerate time to insight with improved analytics
  • Reduce cost associated with auditing and fixing bad data