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Aruvio’s GRC platform provides a suite of applications to improve efficiency and consistency of all business processes and decisions related to corporate governance, risk, compliance, and 3rd party lifecycle management. Aruvio enables the core policy, controls, assessment, incident tracking, auditing, remediation, training & adoption management that is the foundation for building defensible, systematic, and centralized management programs.

  • Automate regulation, policy, and requirements controls to prevent risks
  • Assess and mitigate key areas of vulnerability to the business
  • Dashboard visibility to exceptional incidents and escalated issue workflow
  • Drive adoption by leveraging and engaging stakeholders to improve performance
  • Streamline management of organizational accountability

Aruvio's Platform Powered by Force.com from Salesforce.com

Aruvio GRC is a could platform powered by Force.com, which is the same engine as Salesforce, can scale on demand to handle more than 100 million transactions per day with a sub-second response time (300 milliseconds) for millions of users at tens of thousands of businesses. Salesforce.com upgrades its base cloud platform three to four times each year. As a result, customers are have access to the latest and greatest features, performance, and security enhancements.

The Aruvio GRC platform conforms to ISO 27001, the SysTrust audit, SOC1, SOC2, SSAE16, and SysTrust SAS 70 Type II standards to enhance security. Aruvio and Salesforce.com’s secure platform allows companies to achieve security at every level from company-wide data down to the application level. Aruvio & Salesforce has no access to customer data once go live. Additionally, Administrators have additional access controls to the ability to limit user access and assign data security rules based on individual groups, profiles and roles to regulate access to data and information.

Salesforce https://trust.salesforce.com/trust  with secure, private, and trustworthy: enterprise cloud computing with Force.com: http://www.salesforce.com/assets/pdf/misc/WP_Forcedotcom-Security.pdf

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Security & monitoring
  • Intrusion detection & threat monitoring
  • 3rd party vulnerability assessment
  • Security event management
  • External authority monitors certification validity
  • Security logs for all systems
  • Physical security with biometric access control

Aruvio and Salesforce have strong change management policy with network and infrastructure change control procedures include testing, review, authorization, communication, and fallback procedures.

The Core GRC Platform To Support All Your Needs

Aruvio’s continuous GRC solution provides the right foundation for automating your compliance programs with the design goal of simplification first. Aruvio is built on Salesforce.com’s platform with powerful enterprise-class for multi-program capabilities; flexibility, scalability, reliability, extendibility, mobility. Aruvio’s approach provides for scaling your GRC capabilities as you need at a fraction of the professional services costs & time required to configure, implement, & extend other enterprise GRC platforms.