Leverage Digital Health Services Cloud-Based GRC Platform to Centralize Incident Management

Incidents, both large and small, pose ongoing threats toward today’s organizations. The likelihood of an adverse event such as the violation of security, privacy and ethics are greater due to technical enhancements, growing regulations and expanding business. The scope of an incident fully depends on the organization’s ability to adequately prepare for and respond to events of all sizes and nature. Digital Health Services GRC system manages incident intake and alerts, response, remedial steps in addition to reports on progress and final outcomes.

Gain Situational Awareness to Minimize Impact on Business

Digital Health Services cloud-based approach to GRC provides real-time situational awareness for incidents and potential impact on business and compliance postures. Awareness of incidents can generate from an array of sources, and often these communications are approached differently across an organization’s departments and divisions.

Enforce a Consistent Incident Management Process

Implement an accurate and consistent incident response process and centralize incident management across the organization. Handle risked based prioritization and documentation for all types of events: security, privacy, disaster, human resources, and environmental and financial loss. Create and manage unique workflow processes for different incident types. Ensure program scalability and ability to meet service level commitments.

Additional Features:

  • Establish, track and log all policy exceptions within the system for comprehensive end-to-end incident lifecycle and issue management.

  • Define non-performance, exceptions, errors, omissions management coupled with integrated notifications, management reporting & escalations workflow

  • Categorize incidents in different category/sub-category such as non-performance, corrective action preventive action (CAPA), human, and natural

  • Perform incident risk assessment and prioritization using different impact and likelihood criteria for questionnaire-based assessment along with defined end-to-end incident handling workflow with escalations configuration and incident audit history tracking

Manage organization assets and link incidents to affected assets

GRC Incident and Issues

Build the Issue and Incident framework for identifying risks to compliance and/or organization exceptions within standard process, incident reporting, to global issue.

  • Create Issues for Assessment Findings

  • Assess Risk for these Issues

  • Submit Incidents

  • Manage Incident Escalation / Approval

  • Report on Issues and Incidents

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