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Perimeter and endpoint security

Securing data while keeping it free to roam, and protecting networks while maintaining performance, are both critical for keeping information flowing and safeguarded. Dell Technologies secures your network while sustaining performance and simplifying management. With our encryption, endpoint threat prevention, user authentication, and compliance reporting enabled, you can set your data free with confidence.Type your paragraph here.

Data security solutions

Information and ideas fuel growth and build value. To make faster decisions from anywhere, you need to shift to a data-centric approach to keep crucial information flowing. Secure sensitive data across your enterprise with solutions that safeguard an entire ecosystem of data and devices and offer end users the flexibility of how and where they want to work.

digital transformation

transforming organizations, it, workforce and security to digital

Digital Health Services in alliance with Dell, Dell | EMC, VMWare, and other Dell Technologies provide solutions IT services for public sector and healthcare industry.  As we all know, we need to transform the organization in an always-on world.   Is not just about a collection of products, it's about giving your employees the power to perform like rock stars from anywhere; growing confidence with a pro-active security strategy; and, most of all, redefining how IT operates.

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Make processes more efficient to improve the performance of even your traditional applications. IT becomes a service that adds tangible value and greater ROI.

Provide your employees new ways of collaborating, accessing data, and meeting customer demands from anywhere with innovative devices, digital workspaces, and seamless experiences

Security operations

Advanced threats are the new norm. To mitigate these threats, organizations need to respond in minutes not months. Dell Technologies delivers insight to action for the fastest threat detection and response. Providing capabilities to detect, investigate, and respond to breaches and hacks across networks, endpoints, and identities with comprehensive visibility, analytics, and actionable insightsType your paragraph here.

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Identity and access management

Current approaches to identity struggle in the face of cloud, mobile, and today’s attack campaigns. Dell Technologies enables access, lifecycle, & governance to work in harmony to disrupt attacks on the most consequential threat vector, assuring identities, and providing convenient access for any user, from anywhere to anything.Type your paragraph here.

Protect your assets

The threat landscape and IT environments are constantly evolving. To collaborate, communicate, and innovate securely, cybersecurity needs to transform. By providing best-in-class technology and expertise, we’ve enabled organizations to implement effective and efficient security strategies to stay safe and manage risk in the face of advanced cyber threats, and future digital challenges.Type your paragraph here.

Automation, Virtualization and cloud

The key to redefining the role of IT lies in automating your operations, creating virtual and software-defined servers, storage and networking, and delivering the right services at the speed of business with the cloud. Now, applications and workloads get deployed faster, availability increases, and operations become self-acting. Less time spent on maintenance, more time for innovation.

Workforce transformation

empower the people

Fraud prevention

Cybercrime has become the foundation of the lucrative underground economy. Dell Technologies helps organizations protect their customers from the Web to the mobile device against advanced cybercrime threats. Our solutions help organizations prevent phishing, malware, rogue mobile apps, and other threats as well as gain deep intelligence on prolific cybercrime rings and their tacticsType your paragraph here.

Innovative devices

Put business success, literally, in your employees’ hands with innovative technology designed specifically for the way they work. Dell designs innovative devices and accessories that keep every member of your workforce productive, connected, and secure anytime, anywhere...no matter the task.Type your paragraph here.

Governance, risk, and compliance

New technology paradigms mandate that organizations factor cyber risk into their overall risk appetite and define the level of risk that they are willing to accept in the context of their business strategy. Dell Technologies helps you manage multiple dimensions of risk. We help you assess your current state against security frameworks and best practices to design a security roadmap tailored to your business, risk tolerance and strategic security goals.Type your paragraph here.

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optimize to innovate

Enterprise Public Cloud

Cloud computing has become the must-have technology over the past 5 years. But not all public cloud environments are designed with the demands of an enterprise in mind. Enterprise Cloud will handle mission-critical applications ensuring the same or better performance, it gives you the flexibility to scale and deliver IT services without compromise to security.

In this era of digital business and mobile workforces, it takes more than hardware and software to avoid cyberattacks. Stay secure with holistic strategies that protect data, identify fraud, and manage risk at every touch point.

Modern IT Infrastructure

The Modern Data Center is streamlined yet still processes the most complex applications with ease. Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure systems integrate your IT infrastructure for faster deployments at a lower cost while All-Flash Storage provides the quick response to customer demands. The result: ease of management and improved performance.Type your paragraph here.

Making the Modern Data Center

Transforming your IT begins with adjusting your organization’s approach to infrastructure. IT should be thought of as a driving force for achieving business goals, not maintenance and keeping the lights on. A modern data center is designed for accelerating results. Now take a look at the infrastructure essentials that will help get your there.Type your paragraph here.

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Digital workplace solutions

The most forward-looking organizations create innovative ways for employees to be successful. Dell Technologies provides digital workspace solutions that deliver seamless user experiences without sacrificing IT management and security. Our solutions integrate identity, application and enterprise mobility so you can deliver anytime, anywhere access to all apps and services across all devices.

Empower your people

In the digital economy, people carry supercomputers in their pockets. This always-on connectivity presents unprecedented opportunity for businesses to serve customers that once seemed impossible. From modernizing end-user technology with beautiful, innovative devices designed specifically for the way people work, to fostering a culture of innovation through data insights pushed to the edge through intuitive apps.Type your paragraph here.

security transformation

protect your business