​​Digital Health Services

  • Assign Policies to Groups / Users

  • Distribute Policies

  • Review / Report Results

Additional Features:

  • Define and maintain a central structure and process for compli­ance and control hierarchy for thousands of cross-industry controls and reg­ulations such as SOX, OSHA, EH&S, and FCPA in addition to industry focused regulatory guidelines from FDA, FERC, FAA, HACCP, AML, BASE II, and Data Retention legislation from a single system.

  • Allow multiple users from cross-functional teams and external stakeholders to review policies at the same time and provide collaborative feedback on policies and procedures organized by type, department, location, and legislation to enable processes to be updated, flagged for analysis changed from any location.

  • Easily upload existing policies and procedures or select policies from a pre-existing content library, as well as, integrate workflow to allow organization to map, distribute, train and view exceptions from a single dashboard.

  • Integrate between the policy and procedure repository and the compliance, risk, and control framework enabling organizations to easily map and categorize controls.

  • Map the impact of regulatory change on policies or compliance programs and seamlessly initiate policy documentation changes from within the compliance framework when issue remediation or control re-design, as well as, publish to all relevant stakeholders as part of review and distribution process.

  • Maintain revision history with version support and policy check-in/ checkout for effective change control with the ability to review periods or obsolescence rules for all policies and procedures.

  • Send periodic reminders or notifications for users to review, document and update policies as well as, additional reminders to monitor change in regulatory controls that will affect specific policies within an organization or individual department.

Core Capabilities:

  • Categorize and Upload Policies

  • Review and Approve Policies

SOP Development & Policy Management

Create policies and distribute policies to users in organization from external Governmental Regulations, Governing Standards, & Contractual Obligations or internal Organizational Policies to support regulation; such as Policy Interpretations, Definitions, Requirements, Hierarchies, Organizations, Versioning, & Structure.