Core Capabilities:

  • Create Mitigations for Identified Issues

  • Implement and Track Corrective Actions for Mitigations

GRC Remediation & Accountability

Remediate the identified issues to increase organization compliance and reduce risk.

Additional Features:

  • Detailed information on specific polices or parameters within procedures enable the visualization and demonstration policy status, ownership, type, approval cycle, usage, attestation, and audit history and usage summary to manage corrective, preventive, mitigations, and intervention actions enabling organizations to manage accountability with documentation, certifications, authorization, attestations, proof, validation, document controls.

  • Assign reported incidents and issues to different stakeholders with mitigation workflow for remediation ownership with defined controls, granular tasks, documentation of remediation activities, attach certifications and other documents.

  • Baseline against KPI dashboards and exception reports give managers real-time visibility into policy related issues and provides critical information to eliminate policy negligence.

  • Support electronic sign-offs at departmental and functional levels which, in turn, rollup for executive certifications.

Provide statistics, data and status reports on policy development, attestation and enforcement to demonstrate compliance to executives, regulators, and auditors.

​​Digital Health Services

  • Report on Mitigations and their Progress

  • Define Escalations and Accountability

  • Create Dashboards for Management Visibility